RussianDatingBrides is a free platform that provides high-quality content about international dating, peculiarities of Slavic brides, as well as makes dating and mail order bride services reviews. We strive to make online dating exciting, fun, and most importantly, safe. Our main goal is to spread up-to-date information about international dating in order to bust all the myths and popular misconceptions most people have about this kind of relationships.

Who we are

Our team are young enthusiasts who dream of making international dating even more popular all over the world. We do believe that mail order bride and dating platforms are the best way to find your true love and we want more people to acknowledge that.

How do we make reviews?

In order to make a high-quality review, we evaluate a service according to multiple criteria but most importantly we always sign up on the sites we review and test every single feature. We utilize a star rating system, which is one of the most convenient ways to present the ratings to our readers. Thus, great websites get more than four stars and bad ones get three or less. We also update our old reviews on a regular basis since some platforms can improve while others lose their positions. In addition to that, some sites add new features and remove some old ones. Therefore, in order to provide you with only up-to-date info, we keep an eye on the sites we have already tested and update our reviews.

Ranking system

In order to figure out whether a platform is decent or not, we take a look at the following things:

  • Consumer choice. We understand that not all the services that appear in the search engine top results are actually popular among real users. This is why we check sites’ popularity, conversion rates, the number of registered users, and how much time do people spend on the website using such tools as SimilarWeb, Ahrefs, SEranking, and Semrush. This very test allows us to tell you whether a website is actually worth your attention as well as to protect you from dating bots or scammers.
  • Reliability. Certainly, no tool will even allow us to check a website’s trustworthiness, which is why in order to check this criterion, we head to platforms like Quora, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Trustpilot and read actual customers’ reviews. As a rule, some of these reviews can be sponsored and therefore they need to be filtered, and that’s what we also do before making any assumptions.
  • UI/UX. We also evaluate a website’s design and usability. In particular, our designers test how a site works in different browsers and whether it is mobile-friendly, as well as check if all the features actually exist and work, and if they are easy to find.
  • Good looks. We understand that pretty much all the dating services offer to contact a huge variety of extremely beautiful women, which is why we always check whether the female profiles are actually real.
  • Response rate. Of course, there is no point in using a dating site if women there do not reply to your friend requests and messages. Therefore, we check the response rates in order to help you avoid websites that will only waste your time.
  • Support service. Since you will probably have to contact a support team at least once while you using a site, we also check whether it is easy to get help and how much time it takes to have your problem solved. In addition to that, we test the support operators’ behavior in stressful situations so we can be sure that in case of any problems, the support team will help you solve those in no time.


We provide high-quality content for free, which is why to keep our project alive, we do take monetary compensations from our partners to maintain our website and continue doing our job. This may lead to prioritizing our partners and giving them higher positions in our rankings. However, we do not post any false information about our partners and/or their competitors. We strive to stay impartial as well as make honest and accurate reviews.