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People love and hate them. Some of them admire their beauty, and some think that it is overrated. Men and women who believe stereotypes claim that they are poorly educated, while others know that three of the four Russian girls have a bachelor’s degree. Whatever the opinions of people may be, none of them can deny that these girls are popular. Men keep asking tons of questions like “Where can I meet a girl from Russia,” “How much is a Russian bride,” and so on, and so forth. Let us break the myths and find out who these beauties really are!


Why use mail order bride and dating sites to find Russian bride?

The answer is pretty short: because it is the simplest, fastest, and the most convenient way to get a Russian bride. Nevertheless, we would like to describe all the benefits of picking one of the top Russian bride services. So, here they are:

  • You can find legitimate Russian brides only on trusted sites
  • It is relatively cheap – the average price for 1-month membership varies from 10 to 80 dollars
  • You can really marry someone in the near future without dating a wrong girl for decades
  • It is super easy – an agency is looking for girls, check their applications, in other words, does all the work, and you only need to create an account
  • These ladies are interested in you as much as you are interested in them
  • You can find a woman who meets all your criteria, from hair length and color to education

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We want to emphasize that everything we mentioned above is true only if you choose a good Russian brides website. Moreover, it will work only if you are completely sure that you want to marry a Slavic lady, and if you know how to get her attention. If you are feeling a bit confused right now, do not worry – we will help you decide if you need this or not. Below, you can find information about these women as well as some dating tips.

Truth about Russian brides: views on relationships, family & marriage

It is no secret that one of the things that make these ladies so attractive is their traditional views on family, marriage, and relationships between men and women at large. Let us talk about this in more detail.

What about family roles? Some people think that Russians are materialistic. No wonder, especially considering that these ladies expect you to pay for dinner, unlike most emancipated women living in more developed countries. We are not going to discuss if it is good or bad, it is just a fact: women there are the queens of the hearth, and men are breadwinners. As for paying the bill, this is a kind of demonstration – a man shows that he is ready to take care of a woman. She, in turn, is ready to be a good wife and mother to their children.

This is a traditional family as it is. Nevertheless, it does not mean that your wife will never find a job, enjoy her own hobbies, grow personally and professionally, etc. They are the women who can do both. Local men, however, are spoiled with this: there are too many beautiful ladies to choose from, and every one of them can earn money, do household chores, and take care of kids. So why try hard to be a better version of a man? Besides, this is why these ladies marry foreign guys.

Why Russia is the best country to find a girlfriend

It is the best country because of the reasons that we have already described above. The thing is, nowadays, there are still a lot of guys who are dreaming of a traditional family, a feminine and soft wife, and at least two pretty children. However, it would be a mistake to think that this is the only thing that makes these ladies so popular. Another, no less important thing that women in Russia are just beautiful. Whatever some men say, this is really important to them!

What challenges you may need to overcome

In fact, there is only one challenge you will need to overcome. International bride services can help you meet thousands of lovely Russian ladies and even provide you with information on dating in this country or some tips, but the truth is a success depends on you. This challenge is called “cultural differences,” and we are sure that you can handle this.

We believe that the secret is in mutual respect and understanding. For example, you can consider weird Russian traditions, some of your wife’s beliefs and views on certain things adorable, charming, and cute. Or you can laugh at her. There is no need to say that each of these scenarios will have fundamentally different consequences. We mean if you are ready to listen to each other and respect each other’s values, there will be no challenge to overcome.

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How to date Russian women: things you shouldn’t do

All cultures are different, and sometimes, it may be difficult to understand someone living in the other part of the world. However, there are some recommendations, which may help you build a long and happy relationship with a girl from this country. But we thought it would be too boring to share them with you. We’d better share with you the list of things you need to do to make a girl from Russia forget about you forever.

So here is the list of don’ts!

Be soft and feminine

Act like she has to conquer you, and you will never see her again. As we have noted, these ladies are pretty conservative when it comes to gender roles, so if you want to have a real woman, you need to act like a real man, i.e., be confident, relaxed, and supportive.

Ask her to pay the bill

Why does a man need to pay the bill? We live in the modern world, and these are the medieval views on life and gender roles! If you share this view, you will hardly find common ground with Russian girls for dating. There is the only thing to bear in mind: they expect you to pay it not because they are materialistic women who want to use you but this tradition. This is just a gesture that helps a woman understand that you can really take care of her.

Be rude!

Some say that women who create profiles on dating sites do not deserve respect. Are you one of them? If you are, you will hardly build a happy relationship with one of these hotties. The first and most important thing all guys need to understand is that these ladies are seeking mutual love. The second thing to bear in mind that you can never build anything serious with someone you do not respect. Be well-mannered, polite, and show that you are interested in everything she says! It is simple!

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Say that Russians are grumpy barbarians or anything like that

Be sure that she loves her culture, traditions, people, scientists, movie stars, etc. That is why showing disrespect to customs or locals’ view on anything is a great way to make her forget about you forever.

Say that you want to spend a night with her on the first date

Another crucial thing is that girls who join legitimate Russian dating sites do not seek short-term affairs or one-night stands. They want to be with a man who cares and supports them, not with a guy who is here just for fun. Treat her like your future bride, and she will be grateful for that.

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How we can help you find Russian women

Another important thing we need to mention is that you cannot order a Russian bride. The only way to marry a hot girl living in another part of the world is to choose one of the real Russian dating sites. It is pretty complex, but we would be happy to help you make the right choice.

On, you will find detailed information about women themselves as well as the reviews about the best sites you can find on the web! Our experts review each of them as carefully as possible, paying a lot of attention to all aspects.

We never ignore the factors that may seem unimportant. We also consider the billing policy, privacy issues, ease of use, number of registered users, and of course, the number of real hot ladies you can meet there. So, we make every effort to provide you with the relevant information, so check out the reviews – all the materials are free!